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DDT concert canceled in Tyumen due to Shevchuk’s refusal to perform with a huge letter Z on stage

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The Russian rock band DDT has been banned from playing at a concert in Tyumen unless a huge letter Z is drawn on the stage. The group’s leader Yuri Shevchuk said told on the stream with journalist Alexander Plushchev.

According to Shevchuk, DDT chose another venue, but was also denied a performance there. The band had to postpone the date of their performance. Shevchuk notes that this may be due to the band’s recent concert in Voronezh. There, during his speech, he asked the audience about their attitude to the war, and they unanimously replied that they opposed it.

Shevchuk has been taking an anti-war stance and criticizing the current government since the early 1980s. In 1982, Komsomolskaya Pravda held the Golden Tuning Fork contest, at which DDT performed the anti-war song Don’t Shoot. According to Shevchuk, he wrote it in 1980, when his classmate brought to Ufa, where Shevchuk lived at the time, the first coffins from the Afghan war.

In 1993, Shevchuk spoke out against the armed confrontation in Moscow in October. He wrote a song dedicated to this event – “Truth to Truth”. In 1995, he went to Chechnya, where the first Chechen war was going on. Shevchuk played three concerts for the soldiers and came under fire several times.

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