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April 6 edition of Rolling Stone reported that in Warner Bros. held a meeting to discuss prospects for further collaboration with actor Ezra Miller amid his arrest in Hawaii for hooliganism.

According to sources, following the meeting, the management decided to temporarily stop working on films with Miller, as well as to begin discussions on the further appearance of the actor in the DC movie universe.

Many DC Comics fans supported the management’s possible decision, noting that Warner Bros. it would have been a long time since we stopped working with Miller and took on another actor to play Flash. As a replacement, fans began to offer Grant Gastin, who plays Flash in the eponymous series from The CW.

The answer to the publication @DiscussingFilm

The best time to make Grant Gustin the DCEU Flash was years ago, the 2nd best time is now.

The best time to make a Gastin Flash grant for an expanded DC movie universe was many years ago. Now it’s time again.

let grant gustin be the dceu flash please he deserves this more than ezra miller

Let Grant Gastin become a Flash at DCEU, please, he deserves it more than Ezra Miller.

Some have hinted that Gastin is a good candidate, at least because he is “not a psychopath.” So users hinted at past scandals, at the center of which was Miller.

The answer to the publication @DiscussingFilm

Cough grant gustin isn’t a literal psychopath cough cough should’ve been dceu flash from the start cough cough get him out of the tv show terrible writing cough cough

Grant Gastin is not a psychopath, he should have been Flash at DCEU from the beginning. Get him out of this show with a horrible script.

The answer to the publication @DiscussingFilm

give it to grant gustin please god that man is so good he deserves better than a show with a $ 5 budget

Give the role to Grant Gastin, please, this guy is good and he deserves more than a series with a budget of five dollars.

Grant Gustin is an obvious choice to replace Ezra Miller. The Flash tv show has had 8 seasons. Finish it. The stories are tired. Give him a chance at the movie.

Grant Gastin is the obvious choice to replace Ezra Miller. The series “Flash” received eight seasons. Complete it. The stories are over. Give the actor a chance in the movie.

@DiscussingFilm WB realizing they should have just cast Grant Gustin all along

Warner Bros., when she realized that they had to take Grant Gastin from the beginning.

Twitter also recalled a meme in which Gastin is kneeling near the tombstone and smiling.

Grant to Gastin Ezra Miller and the movie “Flash”

A solo film about Flash starring Ezra Miller is due out in June 2023. Warner Bros. has not yet commented on further collaboration with the actor.

Media: Warner Bros. decided to suspend work on films with Ezra Miller after his arrest for hooliganism

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Sources also said that during the filming of “Flash”, the actor often lost control of himself.

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