Daytime sleep, dry cleaning and e-books: Russia wants to ease conditions in pre-trial detention centers and colonies

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The Ministry of Justice proposed a new version of the Rules of Procedure for suspects and accused.

The Russian Ministry of Justice has proposed to significantly ease the rules of procedure of pre-trial detention centers and colonies. He writes about this “Russian newspaper”. According to innovations, shower cabins will appear in the chambers for pregnant women. Detainees in the pre-trial detention center will be allowed to lie on the bed during the day, and prisoners will also be able to read e-books in their cells. They want to increase the number of shower visits from once a week to two.

The Ministry of Justice proposes to ease the search rules. The detainees will not be undressed for this. Special scanners installed in the cameras will help to detect the prohibited ones. If you still need to take off your clothes, they will do it behind a screen.

Also, the detainees are planned to be allowed to store thermal underwear, reusable plastic containers for food storage (not more than 4 pieces up to 0.5 liters). The pre-trial detention center will be allowed to hand over hair shaving trimmers to detainees. They will be given to prisoners for shaving.

The pre-trial detention center provides for the installation of electronic terminals, with the help of which prisoners will be able to file complaints, order goods in the prison shop, make an appointment with a doctor and so on.

Even in the new version of the Rules of Procedure, all suspects and accused are offered to be allowed to play sports in special places, order medicines, clothes and even dry cleaning. Bank transfers can also be allowed from pre-trial detention centers and colonies.

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