David Manukyan made a grand surprise for his “daughter”

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The blogger congratulated the girl who was important to him.

David Manukyan with Milana Khametova. Photo:

Artist David Manukyan often mentions the desire to have children. And recently he came with a bouquet of flowers to a girl he named his daughter.

Manukyan’s fans suspected the artist that he had been hiding his daughter all this time. David reassured the followers. He has no children. But the celebrity treats the heiress of her friends Milana Khametova as her own daughter.

The girl was 12 years old. At this age, the baby is already starring in music videos and is friends with such stars as David Manukyan and Olga Buzova.

“My daughter’s birthday. I promised to give her something a long time ago. I will say that now it is very expensive, “said David Manukyan in a personal microblog.

Milana once complained to a blogger that she had broken an expensive phone. And David Manukyan did not skimp and gave the birthday girl a new gadget.

We will remind, earlier David Manukyan admitted that he envies Ilona Maska. The artist would like to fly into space, if he did not need to perform on stage.

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