Daughters quarreled over boyfriend, now each demands that I stop talking to the other

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The daughters went crazy. They managed to quarrel over some guy. I could still understand this behavior at school, when the hormone is playing and the brain is asleep, but my daughters are under thirty. And not only did they spit on themselves, they also try to involve me in this scandal.

Each of the daughters believes that her sister treated her vilely and ugly, so I must restore justice not to communicate with the offender. And how can I take and side with one of the daughters in such a matter? Firstly, they both showed themselves not on the best side, and secondly, they are both my own daughters, how can they be divided?

Sveta and Nadia are twins. Growing up together, they never swore or quarreled as children. Before high school, there were no problems with them in this regard. They somehow dealt with each other with toys, books and candies, shared and did not harm.

The problems started when they started liking boys. More precisely, they are them. This is where the competition awoke in all its glory. Each tried to show off as much as possible, but I stopped such attempts at the root. If one received a novelty, then the second could count on the same, I never went to one of the daughters.

Both were reprimanded for too bright makeup, late for a walk or some other offense. That there was no talk that I have someone in my favorites. All in equal shares – and gingerbread, and a whip.

By high school, their competition was over. Each got its own company, a circle of fans and hobbies, there is no point in competing with each other. On the contrary, they somehow became even stronger friends and did not offend each other.

I was glad that the girls finally grew up, got smarter and stopped doing all sorts of nonsense. I always wanted to tell them that they are the closest people to each other, so they need to always try to stick together. It seemed to me that they understood me.

High school passed, the university ended. Nadia and Sveta got a job. Only Nade was lucky with her work, both she got a job and worked in one place, but Sveta was constantly jumping from place to place. She couldn’t find a normal job. Our town is not very good at work, Nade is lucky, she was able to get hooked on a large enterprise.

Last year, a vacancy was opened at Nadi’s company, which would be very suitable for Sveta. The daughter tensed up and was able to put her sister in a good place, which they were both very happy about. It is good when there is a close person who can cover his back, if anything.

Then they had a corporate party, where Nadia laid eyes on a colleague. They then seemed to have reciprocity, they began to meet, but it did not last long. The guy wagged his tail and left. First just to free sailing, and then to the Light. This information was not revealed immediately, the daughter was smart enough not to advertise it.

But then good people Nadezhda brought this hot news. And this guy, apparently, hooked her up a lot, because she made a scandal right at work for her sister. There was no fight, but many were able to watch their showdown.

No one was fired, but Nadia herself left a week later, did not want sidelong glances and even more did not want to meet his ex and sister. And the guy, by the way, did not stay with Sveta for a long time either. He stated that he did not need such Santa Barbara and also left work and Sveta.

For six months now, not only have they not communicated with each other, but they have been bothering me constantly. Nadia believes that her sister acted meanly, beating off the guy she loved, and she had to leave a good job. Therefore, I must be filled with compassion and stop communicating with the traitor.

Sveta is sure that it is because of Nadia that she did not have a relationship with that guy, and even in front of the whole company she was a fool and **** exposed. That’s why I shouldn’t communicate with her.

I think they both acted like headless chickens, and some guy there is clearly not a reason for such stormy emotions. But the requirement not to communicate with any of them seems to me to be a separate scum.

I got their claims that if I communicate with one, I can forget the number of the other forever. I have two daughters, I love them both and accept them as they are. I do not want to succumb to blackmail and take someone’s side and I will not.

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