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Anna Zavorotnyuk follows the latest news in the film industry.

The daughter of cancer patient Anastasia Zavorotnyuk actively maintains her social media accounts. Anna often communicates with her fans, talks about herself and sometimes hints at what is happening in the family, which leads to various rumors about the condition of her famous mother.

At the end of March, the girl decided to distract herself from the problems and discuss with Oscar users the Oscar ceremony held in Los Angeles. Daughter Zavorotnyuk showed fresh photos from the red carpet of the event and commented on the outfits of celebrities.

Anna paid special attention to the star of the movie “The Bachelor in Vegas” Bradley Cooper – the former husband of Russian model Irina Sheik. The girl estimated that the actor attended the event with his dearest person. “Let’s just put a huge heart on the handsome man, because he came to the award with his mother,” wrote Zavorotnyuk Jr. on social media.

Recall that the star of the series “My beautiful babysitter” has been battling brain cancer for several years. Fans are still worried about the artist’s health. How Anastasia Zavorotnyuk feels now, before wrote Dni.ru“.


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