Danya Milokhin was suspected of insincerity

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The blogger’s song contradicts his previous statements.

Danya Milokhin managed to earn the fame not only of the TikTok star, but also of the avid heartthrob. Ticktocker recently broke up with blogger Julia Gavrilina. Since then, he never tires of saying that he no longer has feelings for the ex-girlfriend. But Milokhin’s actions refute his words. It seems that Danya was twisting her soul, talking about the final breakup with Julia.

The other day the musician published in his Telegram channel new track “You’re not around”. Fans believe that in the song the blogger misses his ex.

It is noteworthy that the suffering Romeo constantly shows signs of attention to his partner in the project “Ice Age”, figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva. The couple was often caught kissing and hugging. And recently on the Internet there were shots in which Milokhin kisses another girl – actress Louise-Gabriela Brovina.

However, in the latter case, everything turned out to be prosaic. The partners are filmed together in the series on STS, so allegedly celebrities are not connected by anything but work. One can only assume that the blogger does not dare to have a new relationship, because his heart still belongs to Gavrilina.

“I’m meeting dawn again, but you’re not around. But how so? I dream of one again. God, how can I be? But without you… I erase my memory to give my love to others again, ”Milokhin reveals in the song.

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