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Danilko spoke about the failed performance of Ani Lorak: “Plucked and trampled flowers” – Stars

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Ukrainian and Russian singer Ani Lorak criticized for several years. The fact is that since 2014, the artist’s compatriots did not like her position.

So, seven years ago Ani Lorak held a show in Kiev, which was not so smooth. Singer Andrei Danilko, performing in the image of Verka Serdyuchka, witnessed what was happening.

“I remember when Ani Lorak’s mother went to this concert, and there was a group with MP Miroshnichenko, with whom I even had a fight. They snatched flowers from her and trampled, not knowing that it was Ani Lorak’s mother. They tried to disrupt the concert, broke the windows in the hall “Ukraine”, – said Danilko.

Then Danilko decided to act. “He opened his mouth and shouted, ‘What is this ?!'” What kind of police did we have? “And talk?”.

Before the performance, Andrei saw Ani Lorak and tried to persuade her not to go on stage. “We are flying with her on a plane, I say, you know, this is the situation, it is better to cancel these concerts. Listen, move. This is the time when it is not necessary. But the singer could not do it. The star believed that she had to speak to those who were waiting for her. “Here, my fans…”, – the singer recalled.

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