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Danilko deleted Russian show business: the artist had a nervous breakdown

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Serdyuchka broke off relations even with Maxim Galkin

Ukrainian artist Andrei Danilko, aka Verka Serdyuchka, was one of the brightest stars of Russian show business in the early 2000s. Today, Danilko hates Russia and Russians, which he openly admits in an interview. He even neglected his friendly relations with Maxim Galkin and was the first to declassify where the comedian’s family, including Alla Pugachev and their two children, had gone, after a personal telephone conversation.

Music journalist Alexei Ostudin told MK what Danilko is doing in Ukraine today.

“Yes, nothing has really changed in Andrei’s life,” Ostudin said. – He also lives in Kiev at home. He goes down to the basement when the alarm starts. “

Verka Serdyuchka quickly gained an army of fans in Russia, but after 2007 Danilko disappeared. Dancing Lasha Tumbai – a song that Andrei performed at “Eurovision”, taking 2nd place from Ukraine, became a hit with a double meaning. At that time, many Russian fans of the artist heard: “Rasha, goodbye.” Although Danilko himself then denied this interpretation, they say that the song does not carry any message, but still an unpleasant residue remained. After Eurovision, Russian show business closed to Verka. There were rumors that this fact broke him, and he began to abuse alcohol against the background of depression.

This is how Andrei Razin recalled Danilko and the events that broke the musician in a conversation with MK.

“Since 2007, Andrei has surrendered,” Razin began. – He considered it a betrayal that Russia was closed to him. And with Andrei I discussed his song Dancing Lasha Tumbai.

– Did you discuss the ambiguity of the chorus?

– We discussed whether there is a hint of something in the song? Andrew replied: “I’ll think.” He consulted with someone there, and then affirmed that everything was fine, no hint. But our people heard him, and Danilko boycotted. The war began from this point.

Today Andrei Danilko officially announces that “Dancing, Goodbye” is sung in the song Dancing Lasha Tumbai.

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