Daniel Radcliffe has announced the end of his career

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“Harry Potter” is no longer going to act in a movie. Why?

In March 2022, the film “Lost City” was released, starring Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe. In connection with the premiere of the new picture, the English actor gave an interview Desert Island Discs magazine, where he shared his plans for the future.

Daniel told the media that the next two years are full of projects, but after Radcliffe will leave his job as an actor:

“I want to become a director. I have a script, but so far there is no time to implement it. I wrote about my life because it is varied and unusual. I was advised to write about what I know well, “said the Briton.

Apart from the fact that Radcliffe will leave his acting career to work as a director, Daniel will not even star in a film based on his own script. The future filmmaker did not like the prospect of watching himself a thousand times, because that’s how much you need to review the film to the boss before showing it to the world.

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