Daniel Guillot donated unique pre-revolutionary books from his collection to the University of Novgorod

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The arbitrator of the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Daniel Guillaume handed over 88 books of the XVIII-XIX centuries from his personal library to the Law Institute of Novgorod State University. Among them – the Code of Laws of the Russian Empire, the Charter of Civil Procedure, the Trade Charter, the Regulations on the notarial part and other pre-revolutionary works.

“Working as a lawyer, I was interested in the issue of Soviet law and always looked for new sources. I was interested not only in the current law of the Soviet Union, but also in the history of the emergence and transformation of this law. An old acquaintance of mine was the owner of a Russian antique shop in Paris, and he accidentally offered me these books. Then they were lying in his basement, no one was looking for or interested in them. So thirty or forty years ago I bought these books from him, and now I am glad that they have returned to their historical homeland, ”he admitted. Daniel Guillaume.

Among the books is a collection of works by a French lawyer Robert-Joseph Pottierthe ideological inspirer of the French Civil Code.

After the book presentation ceremony, Daniel Guillot gave a lecture to students and faculty at the Institute of Law on the legal regulation of France’s national heritage.

“Among the ways to protect French property are restrictions on property rights. So, for example, it is impossible to carry out capital repairs of the building without preliminary coordination with administration. If the owner sells property or an item of value, the state has a priority right of redemption. In addition, owners of cultural heritage sites can receive benefits. If they did the restoration at their own expense, part of the money spent can be reimbursed by the state, “said Daniel Guillot.

Daniel Guillaume worked as a prosecutor in Alsace (Strasbourg) and Nanterre, deputy chairman of the Grand Court of Paris, was a lawyer for Russian foreign missions in France, headed the “Russia and Eastern Europe” section of the French Society of Comparative Law, worked in the International Commercial Arbitration was the initiator of the creation and the first president of the Franco-Russian Bar Association.

We will remind, earlier “53 news” reported that in Veliky Novgorod the opening of an exhibition which main exhibit became became Commission list of the Novgorod I Chronicle.

According to the press service of Novgorod University.

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