Dancer Honey J admits that she had serious financial difficulties before appearing on Street Woman Fighter

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Dancer Honey J confessed to having financial difficulties before appearing on Mnet’s show Street Woman Fighter.

On April 25, on the JTBC show “A Very Personal Relationship: Between Us”, dancer Honey J appeared as a guest and met with her former student and actress. Kim Hee John. During their conversation, Honey J talked about how she was experiencing extreme financial difficulties until she appeared in a popular survival dance program.Street Woman Fighter». Due to COVID-19, concerts and events were constantly canceled, and because of this, Honey J also had no income. The dancer said that at that time her monthly income ranged from 500,000 to 600,000 won (~ 399-479 US dollars).

Kim Hee John also recalled that she was shocked by Honey J’s difficulties, and said: “I never imagined how hard it really was for you, because you never showed your feelings when we met. But when Onny said, “Should I get a part-time job?”, That’s when I finally felt what was happening. I was shocked to see that you were sincerely trying to find another job». Then Honey J expressed her gratitude Kim Hee Johnwho bought her a lot of food in difficult times. Kim Hee John was the second person Honey J called right after her HolyBang team won Street Woman Fighter.

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