Dana Borisova was shocked by the details of her drunken life

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The TV star celebrated five years of sobriety and thanked Malakhov for saving him.

For several years, Russian television star Dana Borisova has been battling drug and alcohol addiction. The TV presenter admitted that she was at the bottom.

According to the celebrity on her social network page, she was confused with unknown men. It got to the point that the celebrity registered a criminal in her apartment and gave him an expensive Audi jeep.

The day before, she celebrated five years of sobriety and thanked the rescuers: her mother and TV presenter Andrei Malakhov.

“It simply came to our notice then. Saved by his mother, Andrei Malakhov and his program. They sent me to rehab in Thailand and paid for six months of rehabilitation. Thank you to everyone who did not remain indifferent then, “the star revealed.

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