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An audio recording was presented at the next court hearing, in which the star of the movie franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean” literally asks his wife to cut him with a knife. It is known that this conversation took place in 2016 in San Francisco. Amber then accused Johnny of domestic violence. “I was confused that she wanted to talk. All the news then was that I allegedly did all these horrible things,” Depp said.

The actor decided to see his wife because he hoped that she would drop the charges. However, she was not going to go backwards. Later, the actor could not control himself and took a knife from his pocket. “I don’t know what she needed. I had a knife, I just took it out and said, ‘Cut me, that’s what you want to do.’ You took everything. Do you want my blood? Take it. But she refused, “Depp commented in court on the frightening record.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard began dating in 2012, became husband and wife in 2015 and divorced two years later, after which the star of “Aquaman” accused his ex-wife of beatings. As evidence, the actress showed bruises and abrasions, which allegedly left her Johnny. Depp himself denied the allegations.

Amber later wrote a column for The Washington Post, in which she stated that she had become a victim of domestic violence. Hurd did not mention a single name in the article, but Depp thought he meant it. The actor filed a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, the amount of which is $ 50 million.

Earlier, the 58-year-old actor appeared in court against 35-year-old Hurd, during which he stated that he never raised his hand against a woman and that the accusations ruined his career.

“I didn’t deserve it, and neither did my children,” the actor said. He explained that the court was trying to “clear his name”.

His goal is true: “I myself have never been able to hit Miss Hurd in any way, and I have never hit a woman in my life.” According to the actor, at first everything was “too good to be true”. Johnny Depp also described one strange “ritual” that Amber performed every night. According to him, Hurd undressed him and gave him a glass of wine. When Depp took off his shoes on his own, he almost caused his wife to get hysterical. She didn’t like it when her routine was disrupted, so Depp noticed the strangeness.

The actor also confirmed that for no money will he agree to return to the role of Jack Sparrow (from which he was removed anyway) – even for $ 300 million and a million alpacas.

Earlier in the court appeared assistant to American actress Kate James and psychologist actor Laurel Anderson, who advised the couple on family matters.

Video: Johnny Depp testifies in court against Amber Heard

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