critics call on Gigi Hadid to give way to the young

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The model is humiliated for non-compliance with standards.

Public opinion is ruthless even to its favorites when it comes to attractiveness. The sad fate did not pass even the superstar Gigi Hadid, it cost her a little change in appearance.

The appearance of the supermodel at the Fashion Week in Paris and New York left many critics perplexed. Her appearance raised the most questions: it is clear that the elder Hadid has changed quite a bit. The face does not look as sharp as before, and the weight is noticeably “walking”.

Network experts immediately expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that haute couture forgives the shortcomings of appearance of media veterans, while new and fresh shots are trying to break through the strict requirements.

One way or another, Gigi’s claims are outrageous to many. The girl, firstly, recently became a mother, and secondly, is struggling with an autoimmune disease known as Hashimoto’s disease, which affects the thyroid gland.

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