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No one could have imagined that the daughter of ordinary Soviet workers from a small village near Volgograd would be able to conquer the world with her creativity and incredible energy. The only musical subject in little Sasha’s family was the piano, which the future star’s father sometimes liked to play for his family. But once the family was in the cinema, from which Pakhmutov, who was only three years old at the time, came to the instrument and repeated the melody heard in the cinema hall without mistakes. The parents were simply shocked, because no one taught the child notes and music, the father was always busy with work and work, and no one but him and the piano and did not approach.

Alexandra took her first music lessons from her father, then she entered a music school, and at the age of 14 she began to attend an educational institution for gifted children, working at the Moscow Conservatory. Since then, her life has been invariably associated with music. Even Pakhmutova’s choice was a young poet Nikolai Dobronravov, with whom the composer has lived for more than 60 years.

Their acquaintance took place in the mid-50s of the last century. Pakhmutova then worked on the radio and recorded music for children’s programs, and Dobronravov read poetry there. The meeting was forever etched in the memory of both, and soon a relationship was established between them, which grew not only into a creative but also a personal union. Among the performers of songs to the music of Pakhmutova and Dobronravov’s poems are many celebrities of various years from Muslim Magomayev to graduates of “Star Factory”. The total number of works has long exceeded four hundred compositions, and Alexandra Pakhmutova has incredibly beautiful, tragic, tender and majestic works for symphony orchestra.

It so happened that the couple, having lived together for more than 60 years, never had children. But creativity has always come first in their lives, and many young performers consider them their second parents, because thanks to the work of Pakhmutova and Dobronravov, their support and care, young singers were able to find themselves, reveal their talent on the Soviet and Russian stages. At the moment, the creative family continues to delight with their new masterpieces, and under their leadership there is a unique project “White Steamer”, in which musical talents can be realized by children from disadvantaged families and the disabled. Perhaps it is the absence of their children that makes a couple show incredible love and care for others.

The love of the composer and poet passed through many years, surviving the collapse of the Soviet Union, the dashing 90’s and the difficult years of the financial crisis. But they were always saved by creativity, as well as tender, awe-inspiring feelings for each other, care and attention. Surprisingly, such a petite woman as Alexandra Pakhmutova (her height is only 149 cm), managed to become a support and protection of her husband, and he reciprocates and tries to be always there, at any moment. The work of Pakhmutova and Dobronravov has entered the golden fund of Soviet and Russian pop music, and there is no doubt that it will continue to be one of the main treasures of Russian musical culture.


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