Covers for the debut song MCND “ICE AGE” conquer Europe

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Debut song MCND “ICE AGE” is popular in Europe.

Hundreds of teams are involved in MCND 2022 European Dance Competitionwhich is held before the first European tour of the group «[1ST] MCND EUROPE TOUR 2022 ». In particular, the competition is held not only in Europe but also in other regions of Asia and America. Fan participation is through YouTube and TikTok.

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The competition among the participants is very fierce, because for the winners of the competition MCND there is not only an invitation behind the scenes, but also the opportunity to perform on stage. The judges’ attention was drawn to high-quality videos, rethinking the style and concept of the video for “ICE AGE”, as well as the dance skills of the contestants.

MCND doubled expectations by announcing the first European tour. They fueled interest in performing in a special way, for example, from March 30 every day releasing one song from the set list through TikTok.

Meanwhile, from 9 to 17 April MCND will visit the Netherlands, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, France and Switzerland to meet European fans.

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MCND – a male group of five people of the company TOP Media. They debuted on February 27, 2020 with a mini-album Into the Ice Age with the title track “Ice Age”, immediately getting into the TOP-10 album chart Gaontaking 8th place.

Watch the music video for the debut song MCND “ICE AGE” below.

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