Courtney Kardashian made an unexpected statement about her pregnancy

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Kim Kardashian’s sister really wants a child from Travis Barker.

Last year, drummer Blink-182 made an offer to Courtney Kardashian. Fans of the couple are looking forward to their wedding. Some even think that one of Kardashian’s sisters is already pregnant.

However, reports of an interesting situation greatly hurt Courtney. As it turned out, she can’t get pregnant naturally. She has been undergoing IVF for several months, but doctors are still making disappointing prognoses.

The star is taking hormonal drugs that have almost provoked menopause. All this leads her to despair.

“Every time I see comments that I’m pregnant or that I’ve recovered, I just think about how people can write like that without knowing the whole situation. These hormonal drugs put me in a real depression. I have everything to be happy, but these hormones have a very strong effect on my physical and emotional state, “Courtney said. Cosmopolitan.

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