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“Couldn’t pay for food”: Singer Rita Dakota finds herself in Bali with a blocked card

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Rita Dakota.


Rita Dakota is currently vacationing in Bali. The singer said on Instagram that she ran out of money after her bank card was blocked. The singer is worried that this may be a consequence of sanctions imposed on Russian banks due to the situation in Ukraine.

The singer admitted to her subscribers that she did not know whether she should start worrying or whether it was a temporary failure.

– Yesterday I could not pay with my Russian card for food in a secret spot in Bali. Blocked. Curtain. Who is rummaging? Should I start worrying about this or just borrow cash from friends and wait until everything works? Dakota asked the subscribers in the store.

Rita Dakota said that her card was blocked.  Photo: Instagram.

Rita Dakota said that her card was blocked. Photo: Instagram.

It will be recalled that due to a special operation in Ukraine, Western sanctions were imposed against several Russian banks: VTB, Otkrytie, Sovcombank, Promsvyazbank and Novikombank. In Russia, the cards of these banks will continue to work without restrictions. But abroad, Visa and Mastercard cardholders will not be able to pay with them. The heads of the banks on the sanctions list have already advised their clients who are currently abroad to withdraw cash as soon as possible or transfer it to an account in another bank. In addition, cards sanctioned by Russian banks will not be used to pay for Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Rita Dakota (her real name is Margarita Gerasimovich) grew up in Belarus, she came to Russia in 2007 to participate in the Star Factory project. Earlier, the singer spoke on Instagram about the situation in Ukraine. Dakota asked fans not to panic, but to react to what is happening with a cool head to calmly weigh their decisions.

– The first (option of action): to panic yourself, to swing emotionally, to strengthen and nourish this negative energy. The second option: as far as possible, given the situation, stay cool and loving, compassionate heart, – wrote Dakota on Instagram.

In Bali, Rita heals a broken heart. A week ago, the singer said on Instagram that she broke up with her boyfriend Fedor Belogai. Fedor chose not to comment on their breakup, but the singer still could not resist and told about it on social media.

In 2018, Rita divorced singer Vlad Sokolovsky. They met thanks to the Star Factory project. The artists got married in 2014, they have a four-year-old daughter Mia.

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