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Alisher Utev

Alisher Utev

Alisher Utev – director, screenwriter and producer. He gained great popularity thanks to the series “5:32”, based on real events. In it, the author told a story about maniacs and two Kazakh detectives. In addition, Alisher is the author of the popular series “Sergeant Brother”, as well as a number of feature films: “Wa-Bank”, “Brother or Marriage – 2” and “ToiHan”. In the new issue of Forbes Q&A on our YouTube channel, the director spoke about the domestic film industry, as well as the problems that hinder its development.

According to the director, corruption is the main problem of all spheres of life in Kazakhstan, and this also applies to cinema. According to him, the industry would have developed much more dynamically if there was no corruption. “If we take even how it happened 15 years ago: look at how many films were made in Kazakhfilm and how many of them eventually became popular. We are convinced that they made a cool movie, and the “stupid” viewers do not understand anything, so the movie does not reach them. But the viewer is not stupid! He votes with a penny, ”complains Utev.

Some producers and directors, he continues, were not driven by the goal of creating a good picture and gathering a large audience in cinemas. “In fact, they made a lot of money. They sawed money among themselves, and withdrew the rest. All. Then the main thing is that the documents say that the film has been released – and you can put this film on the shelf, “he explains. At the same time, the director is convinced that when new people come to power in the country, all the names of “sawdust” will emerge. “New people will dig it all up,” the director is convinced.

At the same time, when asked how the financing of cinema should be arranged, the director answers: in the realities of Kazakhstan, without state support, the film industry will not be able to publish high-quality and large-scale projects. “Because we have few spectators. Opportunities are not the same. We need good budgets to make big stories. It’s about the money that will definitely reach the goal. For this to happen, we need young and honest managers, – says Utev. – We are often told, they say, Kazakhstan’s young cinema – strange, uninteresting and uneducated. And where are all our older brothers, uncles, who had to teach us something? ”

The director also believes that today Kazakhstan needs to move away from the influence of the Northern Neighbor in a creative context. “It is necessary to break away from Russia. If we start showing films in English with Kazakh subtitles now, I would be happy. Because, our people will need to know English at least at a basic level, and this is globalization. And, secondly, we are an independent state, and we must not depend on others in terms of language, “Utev sums up.

Will anti-Russian sanctions affect Kazakh cinema? How did the director experience the January events? What kind of staff is missing in the industry today?

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