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In these paintings, the characters communicate with the viewer


The hero tells about his misfortunes directly to the camera. The same move was transferred to the serial version of the film – “Music Lover”.

Rob is a true fanatic of his business, but unfortunately, this favorite thing is not espionage or space travel, but the usual sale of records. Like these remnants of the past, his everyday life goes smoothly in a circle.

But one day the needle of his destiny jumps with a shriek: Rob’s favorite girl has gone to another! Now the obsessed music lover will have to turn his life back to find a false note, because somewhere he must have made a mistake.

Tonya against all

From time to time, each character could express their opinion about what was happening.

American figure skater Tone Harding had a hard time: first a difficult childhood with a formidable mother, then a difficult youth, an early marriage to a rogue and failure in competitions due to underestimated judges. And then there was a scandal: during the most important competitions, the plan to intimidate a competitor goes to the side of Tone.

The kiss is full

The character of Robert Downey Jr. every now and then comments on what is happening on the screen.

The unlucky thief Harry and his partner rob a children’s toy store, but due to the oversight of his partner, the alarm goes off, and the heroes have to run away. Harry manages to escape the police harassment by listening to the actors, which he successfully goes through and gets to Hollywood for a star party. There he meets Detective Perry, who is assigned to him as a partner to consolidate acting skills – they have to temporarily be detectives, so that Harry could better show himself at the final audition.

Funny games

The killers not only torture their victims, but also look the viewer in the eye, ask him questions about who should be killed first, rewind what happened back, or even ask, “Would you probably like to finish watching this movie?”

Husband, wife and their ten-year-old son come to their country house on a picturesque lake. Two nice young men knock on their door, who are guests of the neighbors. Both have white gloves on their hands. The young people decided to have fun. They kill the dog… and offer the owners to make a bet – none of them will live until the morning… A chain of sophisticated bullying, exquisite torture, the slow sadistic destruction of the family will begin.

Relegation game

Here the main plot is sometimes simply paused: celebrities burst into the narrative and explain to the viewer the complex parts of what is happening.

The story of several people who independently predicted the global economic crisis of 2008 long before it was whispered on the sidelines on Wall Street. And having predicted, they began to earn on it.

Ferris Buhler’s day off

The hero shares his innermost thoughts, as if dedicating the viewer to close friends.

One day in the life of an unusual young man named Ferris, who one fine spring day, before passing the final exams, gets into all sorts of trouble – skips school and goes to Chicago with his girlfriend and best friend to “break away” and enjoy the whole reel interest all day freedom!


The hero knows that he is in the comics, and constantly jokes about it.

Wade Wilson is a mercenary. As a byproduct of an armed program called Weapon X, Wilson gained incredible strength, agility, and healing abilities. But at a terrible price: its cellular structure is constantly changing, and sanity is questionable. All Wilson wants is to stay afloat in the social cesspool. But the current in it is too fast.

Annie Hall

According to the director, the viewer could have the same feelings and problems as his character.

Comedian Elvy Singer talks with humor and irony about his life, about the people around him. He is skeptical of his failures in his personal life, which included several beloved women.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table embark on an incredible journey in search of the Holy Grail. Along the way, they find themselves in the most ridiculous and absurd situations.


Here, the technique of breaking the fourth wall helps to create an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy on the screen.

Just as the flight of a tiny fly can cause a powerful hurricane somewhere far away, so the strange and, at first glance, incomprehensible actions of a quiet and lonely girl living in the world of her fantasies can change the lives of completely different people forever, giving them happiness and beauty. bright colors. This girl’s name is Amelie Poulenc.


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