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Central Channel News is an extremely dirty dump. Lies, deception, fictional news, distorted facts …
People who watch only this news are zombies.

All this has been in the recent past.
I remember the news programs of the Soviet era: the leaders of labor, workers
collective farms and factories lead the USSR to new victories, to the cherished goal of all mankind – communism !!

Rotting capitalism is heading for its inevitable collapse: prostitution, drugs, young people are corrupted by the vulgarities of the rock bands Beatles, Deep Purple, Queen, led Zeppelin. And what are the harmful drinks like Coca-Cola, dangerous food at MacDonald s!
European cities are choking on the smog of the flow of cars. People are outraged and go to rallies against their president. The proletariat of Germany and France studies the works of Marx and Engels and looks with hope at the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, a prominent figure in the world labor movement, Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev !! Hooray, comrades !!
So they said 4 times every day. How can I not believe this!

And 90% of Soviet citizens believed this. And there were almost no other sources of information. Then radio voices helped. But today there is the Internet ..
Today history repeats itself. One on one.
In the minds of many citizens is constant, interference leading to dementia.

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