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we all listen to Dmitry Potapenko … we get smarter!
paper is bullshit – you will not eat it!
But wheat, grains that can be produced in Russia – and fertilizer (Poland, Germany), tractors – (Italy + Americas), processing on machines (China, Germany).
The government is talking about the view of Asia – CHINA, and why do they need us? We need resources, after the Ural region – most of which have been leased for a long time! Let Asia come – in small batches of 10 million people, at best, go there for handicrafts, with a look back every day for dismissal!
Europe will move away from the gas needle for about 3-4 years, and then amba – that’s stability!
Does everyone think that Europe will disappear without gas – alternative sources are already practiced everywhere, and we will be looped!
The Central Bank’s course does not oblige to anything, as well as prices – in the open they say yes, we are raising and creating excitement and deficit – this is a business, people have 1 channel!

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