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Humanitarian aid collection point in Irkutsk, located on the basis of the city club “Lyubimovka” at December Events, 102, continues to work. In April, a collection of books for children from Donetsk, Luhansk People’s Republics and Ukraine started here. The mayor of the capital of Angara, Ruslan Bolotov, joined the action: he handed over art publications, children’s fiction and books about Irkutsk collected by the administration.

“The people of Irkutsk have never been indifferent to other people’s troubles. Residents of our city readily responded to the call to collect humanitarian aid, actively share with children of Donetsk, Luhansk People’s Republics and Ukraine good content books. Many of them reflect our common history, examples of good deeds and just deeds. Our generation is lucky to hear these stories from grandfathers and great-grandfathers – participants of the Great Patriotic War. And now the main task is to pass this historical memory to children, “Ruslan Bolotov said.

Citizens have already donated more 750 books. The collection of children’s literature will be completed April 29. Also until the end of the month in “Lyubimovka” you can bring essentials and food for long-term storage.

According to the head of the municipal institution “City” Olga Uvatova, p March 21 the townspeople handed over to the needy about 3 thousand units of products, more 3.5 thousand hygiene products, 305 sets disposable tableware. More was involved in collecting and sorting humanitarian aid 50 employees institutions.

“During the week, the necessary products are collected, then they are sorted and loaded into machines. Columns are being formed from these cars, which will deliver humanitarian aid to the residents of Donbass, ”explained Veronika Timofeeva, a public relations specialist at the Gorod municipal institution.

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