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Colleagues of Valery Nikolaev revealed the details of the artist’s nervous breakdown: Movie: Culture:

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Colleagues of the Russian actor Valery Nikolaev revealed the details of his nervous breakdown. They stated in a conversation with KP.RUthat the artist could fail because of a car loan.

According to colleagues of Nikolaev on acting shop, before detention by police and hospitalization the 56-year-old actor took the credit and bought the expensive car. According to the court, his driving license has not yet expired, but he was arrested by law enforcement officers for driving a new car while intoxicated.

On February 14 it was reported that Nikolaev delivered from a special police station to a psychiatric hospital. Doctors diagnosed him with bipolar disorder. It is noted that, being in a special detention center, he began to behave inappropriately. Николаев statedthat his cellmate doused him with boiling water, but found no damage to the artist’s body.

56-year-old Valery Nikolaev is known for such films and series as “Nastya”, “Terminal”, “Shirley-myrly”, “Turn”, “I teach guitar playing”, “Witch” and “Motherland is waiting”.

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