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Bruce Straley believes that games have become an independent art form and therefore it is not necessary to shoot their series and film adaptations.

According to Straley, he, like other developers, dreamed of seeing film adaptations of games, but over time, his opinion on this has changed.

This has been influenced by the problems of adaptation, and the fact that the gaming industry, according to a former employee of Naughty Dog, has gained more influence and importance.

Many years ago, we thought that if a film was made about our game, it would be an achievement. I don’t think so now. Our industry has proven its worth, it does not need to assert itself with the help of other media.

I have nothing against game adaptations. But in my experience – as in the experience of all of us, I believe – there is always something wrong with their performance. I know little about production [киноадаптаций]but it’s hard for me to support it.

Bruce Streley

co-head of development of The Last of Us

Bruce Straley analyzed the possible difficulties of film adaptations of the games on the example of the first The Last of Us. He noted that when creating the game he tried to make as many plot moments as possible interactive, and not put them in cut scenes.

According to the developer, interactivity is the main advantage of games that allows you to experience so many sensations from them. And Straley isn’t sure that screenplays can add anything to that experience.

When we did The Last of Us, I wanted the players to feel the same way Joel and Ellie did. Players had to share with the heroes all their successes and failures, their joys, unexpected twists on their path to survival. I believed that if as many plot moments as possible were made not by cut scenes, but by game episodes, then the game could impress much more than a movie or TV series. So we have to ask ourselves, what makes the game outstanding? And will the adaptation complement the impression of it or give the viewer less?

Bruce Straley

co-head of development of The Last of Us

The Last of Us series was written by Neil Druckmann, who co-directed the first The Last of Us with Bruce Straley. To adapt, he shot several episodes and co-wrote the screenplay with Craig Meisin (“Chernobyl”).

The series of The Last of Us is set to air on HBO in 2023.

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