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If you miss the town of Derry, where the Club of Losers lived, get ready to return to the familiar streets – Warner Bros. and HBO Max are launching an active production prequel series about the Pennywise clown and his horrific deeds called “Welcome to Derry”. The director of the dilogy “It” Andy Musketti will be the executive producer of the project and will direct the first episodes of the season.

His sister and business partner Barbara Musketti will share the production with him. And Jason Fuchs, who wrote the scripts for the fantasy “Peng: A Journey to Netland” and the thriller “Remnant: I Still See You,” will not only produce the first season, but will also write the script for it.

Divided into two parts, the story “It” by director Andy Musketti was released in 2017 and 2019. With a total budget of $ 114 million, the dilogy about teenagers battling a killer clown in their hometown of Derry has raised more than $ 1 billion worldwide. At least this fact makes the launch of “Welcome to Derry” quite understandable and understandable.

Last but not least, the project gained popularity due to the image of Pennywise, which was embodied in the films by Bill Skarsgård.

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There are very few details about the project. According to Variety, the series will tell about the origins of Pennywise, as well as reveal the circumstances of the events that took place in the 1960s, which led viewers to the story and the characters of “It: Chapter One”. Whether any of the cast of the two films will return to the series is yet to be announced.

The biggest question at the moment is the participation of Bill Skarsgård in the upcoming series. If the creators decide to consider a new actor for the role of Pennywise, they will take a very big risk. After all, Skarygard’s Pennywise became one of the factors that made Ono a big hit. And hardly anyone will be able to surpass the bar set by the 31-year-old Swede.

It is interesting to see how Muscatti copes with the material of the original book and the plot of the two films, which are very different in places. However, with the right emphasis, we can expect one of the best projects based on the ideas of the King of Horrors Stephen King.

The release date of “Welcome to Derry” has not yet been announced.

Another HBO Max project is new version of “Time Traveler’s Wife” – recently received the first trailer. The series based on the novel by Audrey Niffenegger will be released on stream service in May.

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