Cliburn’s competition will allow Russian pianists to audition

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Cliberna Piano Competition – 2022

From 6 to 12 March 2022 in Fort Worth (Texas, USA) will be a qualifying audition for the XVI International Piano Competition Van Cliburn. Organizing Committee of the competition published a messagewhich states that Russian participants will be allowed to audition despite the world situation.

The report, in particular, states:

“Russian pianists who have applied to participate in the Sixteenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition are not representatives of their government, and their participation in the Cliburn Competition is not sponsored by the state. Therefore, according to the vision of our founder and inspirer Van Cliburn, as well as our task of supporting young artists, which is the essence of our mission, Russian pianists will be admitted to audition for the Cliburn Competition.

The story of Van Cliburn and his victory in the Cold War at the first Tchaikovsky International Competition in Moscow inspired the world as evidence that art transcends borders even in the most tense times between two superpowers. As he himself said: “Because we know that classical music is timeless and eternal, it is the eternal truths inherent in classical music that remain the spiritual beacon for people around the world.”

Of the 72 pianists invited to take part in next week’s qualifying auditions for the 2022 Cliburn Competition, 13 are Russians; eight of them currently live in Moscow. These young, bright artists have gone through great hardships to come to Fort Worth and get a chance to perform on one of the most important stages in the world of classical music – and get a chance to make their dreams come true.

They have spent most of their lives preparing for this opportunity. The stakes are high. This week one of our current contenders sent us the following letter:

“I hope that the great positive influence that Maestro Van Cliburn had on the Cold War should be a great example for all artists.” And another wrote:

“I pray that we can give music a chance to become an ambassador of peace and love, as it always has been.”

We look forward to seeing each of our participants do just that. ”

72 pianists from 22 countries will take part in the preliminary audition. Russia is represented by 13 pianists: Ivan Bessonov, Tatiana Dorokhova, Anna GenyusheneArseniy Gusev, Maxim Kinasov, Elizaveta Klyuchereva, Alexander Klyuchko, Arseniy Moon, Ilya Shmukler, Vitaly Starikov, Sergei Tanin, Arseniy Tarasevich-Nikolaev, Anastasia Vorotnaya.

Anna Genyushene: “The competition will pass, but love will remain”

Among the members of the preliminary audition jury is the winner of the 2005 Van Cliburn Competition, Alexander Kobrin (Russia / USA).

The results of the preliminary hearing will be announced on March 30, 2022.

Arseniy Tarasevich-Nikolaev: “The public is waiting for a miracle”

The XVI International Van Cliburn Piano Competition will be held in Fort Worth from 2 to 18 June 2022. The jury will be chaired by conductor Marin Elsop. The total prize fund of the competition is 265,000 US dollars (almost doubled since the previous competition in 2017). The winner of the first prize will receive $ 100,000, the second – $ 50,000, the third – $ 25,000. In addition to the main awards, additional prizes are provided.

Among the winners of the first prize of the competition in previous years – Radu Lupu (Romania, 1966), Vladimir Viardo (USSR, 1973), Alexei Sultanov (USSR, 1989), Olga Kern (Russia) and Stanislav Yudenich (Uzbekistan) (2001), Alexander Kobrin (Russia, 2005), Vadim Kholodenko (Ukraine, 2013).

The Cliburn Competition has been held every four years since 1962.


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