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Applications for the VI All-Russian competition for the best projects to create a comfortable urban environment in small towns and historic settlements have been completed. This year, the tender commission will evaluate 280 landscaping projects. Of these, 160 will receive federal grants for projects in 2023-2024.

The Orenburg region sent seven applications. Buguruslan, Buzuluk, Gai, Kuvandyk, Novotroitsk, Sol-Iletsk and Sorochinsk presented their projects to the competition.

All concepts are based on the ideas of the inhabitants of the territories. The needs of the people and their vision of good urban spaces were reflected in the work of architects. In total, more than 50,000 Orenburg residents took part in the competition this year. This is ten times more than last year.

– Federal grants for landscaping make the urban environment in small municipalities comfortable to live in and meet all modern requirements. In addition, it is an opportunity to develop entrepreneurship, as well as create sites for activities, – commented the governor of the Orenburg region Denis Pasler.

Each of the projects has its own specifics.

In Buguruslan, in case of victory in the All-Russian competition, the area on st. Communist. It will be one of the city’s main venues along the Bolshoi Kinel embankment, funded by a federal grant.

The people of Buzulach chose the territory of Trinity Park, located in the historic center of the city. The park crosses the well-maintained pedestrian part of Lenin Street, creating a single walking route.

An open area for artists will appear in the square near the Yunost cinema in Gai, and the building of the former cinema will turn into an art space for exhibitions. In the far part of the park they plan to place an open stage. The space will become a modern open-air cultural center.

In Kuvandyk, the central streets together with the transit square will be improved. There will be a dominant water body. The route will be the first line of the new resort.

Residents of Novotroitsk have expressed a desire to improve the square near the former cinema “Screen”. In the abandoned territory for a long time there will be a modern space focused on young people – with areas for creativity and sports activities.

Sol-Iletsk will arrange the banks of the Peschanka River. Together with the already landscaped area in front of the entrance to the Salt Lakes, an important city route will be formed here: an intercepting parking lot-embankment-square-lakes.

In Sorochinsk, the park in the Ozerki district between Tomskaya and Soyuznaya streets will be made greener and more modern. There will be a landscape park with several areas of activity and recreation.

We will remind, for two years of participation in competition on the account of the region already eight projects-winners. In 2021, the spaces in Buzuluk, Novotroitsk, Buguruslan and Sol-Iletsk were improved. This year, Abdulino, Mednogorsk, Orsk and Yasny started implementing projects. The total amount of federal funds raised was about half a billion rubles.

The first All-Russian competition for the best projects to create a comfortable urban environment in small towns and historic settlements was held in 2018 as part of the national project “Housing and Urban Environment”. In the first three competitions, at least 80 winners were determined annually with a funding of 5 billion rubles.

In accordance with the instructions of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin, 10 billion rubles a year will be allocated for the competition from 2021, and the number of winners will be increased to 160.

Speaking at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed in 2023-2024 to allocate an additional 10 billion rubles to create a comfortable urban environment in small towns and villages.

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