Chuno (2PM) paid an unexpected visit to Stray Kids during the filming of their music video “MANIAC”

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March 29 Stray Kids released behind-the-scenes video from the shooting of the video clip “MANIAC”.

On the second day of filming Chuno demonstrated support to colleagues on the label JYP Entertainment, sending the group a van with coffee, and also personally visited the set to encourage the participants. In the video Stray Kids excitedly thank the participant 2PM after they took pictures together for a group photo. Felix also noted with gratitude: “Chuno-hyun always sends us coffee vans. I don’t know how to repay all his love. “.

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Coincidentally, even before Chuno made an unexpected visit, participants Stray Kids expressed their love for 2PMperforming the hit band of 2013 “ADTOY” between takes on the first day of filming.

As mentioned Felixshooting “MANIAC” – not the first time Chuno demonstrates its support Stray Kids. In addition to the coffee and snack vans sent to the set of their previous music videos, Chuno also visited them to personally encourage the participants during the filming, when they shot a music video on “I am YOU”.

Watch the full behind-the-scenes video Stray Kids below! (Chuno first appears in the video at 6:36)

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