Chumakov revealed the truth about the rapid loss of popularity

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The actor was a victim of the intrigues of show business.

Musician Alexei Chumakov told why he is practically not invited to television. The celebrity was revealed in the framework of the YouTube project “Historian – Discover, David!».

According to the artist, he considers the domestic show business industry “very low people” who try at every opportunity to substitute each other. As Chumakov admitted, a few years ago, one of his detractors began to purposefully tarnish his reputation by disrupting concerts and performances on his behalf. As a result, many colleagues stopped working with the singer, considering him unreliable, so they are no longer invited to the TV.

“In one click you become an enemy,” – admits the artist.

In a similar way, he ruined a relationship with one of the influential people who is responsible for many successful projects. Chumakov has been trying to explain himself for about 10 years, but he can’t prove himself right and regain his place in these popular shows.

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