Chumakov apologized for fleeing Russia

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The famous singer’s wife left with him.

Yulia Kovalchuk stated on social media that she had left Moscow, but did not say in which direction, while Alexei Kovalchuk was much more talkative. Instead of talking about the sudden vacations or vacations of children, the artist admitted – everything was planned long ago.

“I will enjoy the beauties of the fantastic ancient city and I will definitely introduce you to them. Believe me, there is something to see, something to be surprised and something to enjoy. We are starting to get high from Samarkand, ”Chumakov from Uzbekistan said.

After eating a lot of Samarkand pilaf and walking around the carpet factory, the star of the stage reminded that he has concerts planned in this and neighboring countries.

“I have a concert in Tashkent. Central Asia Tour: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan. And I stopped by for a day in a small homeland. And my wife went with me to look at my small homeland, “Chumakov was quoted as saying in “TV program”.

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