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Chumakov and Kovalchuk left Russia: “We will start to get high from Samarkand” – Stars

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The couple, who added to the list of celebrities who left Moscow, gave an explanation

Stepan Malinovsky

April 3, 2022 09:45

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Alexei Chumakov and Yulia Kovalchuk, like many Russian artists, suddenly found themselves far from Russia. Vigilant fans, finding their pets thousands of kilometers from Moscow, got excited. But Alexei got in touch directly and gave explanations: “I have a concert in Tashkent. Central Asia Tour: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan. And I stopped by for a day in a small homeland. And my wife came with me to look at her. “

Not everyone knows that Chumakov was born in Samarkand. There his father – a Bulgarian, a native of Gabrovo – worked there as the main restorer of the Cathedral of St. Alexy of Moscow. Although the family later moved to Tyumen, Alexei also studied at the university in Uzbekistan. He graduated from the conductor and choir department of the Tashkent Higher College of Arts.

And now, years later, Alexei went on a tour of the places of his childhood and adolescence. “I will enjoy the beauties of the fantastic ancient city and I will definitely introduce you to them. Believe me, there is something to see, something to be surprised and something to enjoy. We will start to get high from Samarkand, ”Alexei promised.

Julia, for whom the local places seem truly exotic, is delighted with the trip. “My incredible dream has come true. Alexei and I managed to get to Samarkand for a couple of days, and I am wildly delighted, – she told fans. “I will definitely make a long post for you about what and how to see, but this city is a must for travel.”

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