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Artist Chulpan Khamatova, who left for Latvia, got in touch with Chulpan Khamatova. She told about her current life on the YouTube show “Tell Gordeeva”. It turns out that Chulpan Khamatova’s financial situation leaves much to be desired. Chulpan complained about the lack of work and prospects

As she said, things are not going as she had originally planned. The actress admitted that she lives in the village, and there is a catastrophic lack of money for life. Stocks left for only 4 months.

Now, in this situation, when I am out of work and without any prospects in the future. This house is not in Jurmala and not in Riga. This house is in the village.

The actress admitted that she hastily left Russia with her three daughters. To get to the house in the village bought in Latvia, it was necessary to ask for the help of locals. The actress used to rent a car, but now she does not have such an opportunity. However, as well as stable work, any prospects.

And as she said: Chulpan also does not want to talk to Russia “for now”. As soon as the opportunity arises, she is going to return.

Her friend Alena Kravets said that Chulpan would soon be in Russia.

“Khamatova’s house on the farm is quite far from Riga, what will she do there? Feed goats and go for mushrooms? I don’t particularly believe in the possibility of her work in Latvian theaters either, because without knowledge of the language she will not be allowed there and close to the stage. And while she will teach him what to do is not so easy, who will support her? She herself says that the money will be enough for three months. And what’s next? She has no other profession. So I beg: in the new season the name Chulpan Khamatova will again be on the billboards of Moscow theaters “


“… So I’m doing: in the new season, the name Chulpan Khamatova will again be on the billboards of Moscow theaters“… Only will it be ?!

It was reported that a replacement had already been found in the Khamatova Theater – Marina Alexandrova.

Actress Marina Alexandrova will be introduced in several performances as Chulpan. (We hope that in “Masters and Margarita”, because Khamatova, of course, is a good actress, but from the last really successful work in the play “Gorbachev” by Raisa Maximovna can not go away. Margarita is identical to the image of Raisa Maximovna – such… ) Several artists have left their country. And not only. They also left their theaters. The repertoire is being hastily rebuilt in several theaters. It is said that “an artist cannot come on stage only if he is dead.” This is such a professional death… “


“… there are no prospects in Latvia, there is no work, finances are running out” … And what was she thinking about when she slammed the door and made loud statements ?! And now he complains that life in Latvia is not developing. So she decided so when she left Russia …

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