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Xenobiologist Kira Navares discovers on the satellite of the gas giant in the system of the Dragon’s sigma a mysterious creation of an alien civilization – a symbiotic organism that envelops her body like a second skin and turns it into a dangerous weapon. Because of the “alien”, as the girl called him, Kira finds herself at the center of a conflict between humanity and an aggressive alien race, and its outcome depends only on her.

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Christopher Paolini
To Sleep in a Sea of ​​Stars
Genre: space opera
The release of the original: 2020
Translator: L. Summ
Publishing house: ROSMEN, 2021
768 pp., 20,000 copies.
“On the other side of the stars”, part 1
Looks like:
movie franchise “Aliens”
comic and film “Venom”

Christopher Paolini – if you forgot – the same prodigy whose name at the beginning of the zeros thundered with the release of “Eragon”. It was a boom in the young adult genre, and the fantasy cycle, written not only for a young target audience, but also for its representative (Christopher was barely twenty at the time of publication), really looked special. However, Eragon turned out to be an ordinary, heroic fantasy, made up of nothing but the author’s age, and was soon forgotten.

Now Paolini is 37, he has not been a young talent for a long time and is interested in completely different things. He used his absence in the media space to write a book in another genre. “Beyond the Stars” is a space fiction for an adult audience.

Kira Navares’ multi-page story begins as a production novel about space: a team of researchers prepares to complete a mission on an uninhabited satellite, the main character celebrates her engagement to a loved one and looks forward to future life in a new colony. And the reader already understands that Kira’s last task will be decisive both for her and for the plot.

After getting acquainted with an alien artifact, the novel moves to a territory where space horror borders on a superhero comic: rivers of blood and a stunned heroine who has not ordered any superpowers. However, we will not stay here long: we will have a war with alien invaders, and the protagonist – a meeting with a smuggler’s ship, the crew of which we have already seen in some popular TV series. And around the corner is already waiting for space fantasy – in the plot there is a powerful extinct race and an artifact created for it, capable of ending the war. And Kira Navares is the only one who can find this artifact and figure out how to use it for its intended purpose.

It seems that “Beyond the Stars”, as well as once “Eragon”, is composed of themes and motifs of almost all space fiction, which he read, watched and played in which the author. Kira is, in fact, the same Chosen One as Eragon, with the only difference being that she is an adult, and it is much more difficult for her to live in such a role than as a teenager. Kire has to recreate his ruined life from scratch, rediscover loved ones and the meaning of existence. At the same time, she realizes that in this search, not the least role is played by a “stranger” related to her. Kira’s eyes show all the events and minor characters – and the reader’s attitude to the latter will depend on how Kira feels about them.

Paolini’s new novel lacks deep problems and original ideas – it’s just a lively entertaining fantasy about the distant future, where there are strange hostile aliens, exciting battles and space expansion of mankind. Perhaps most of Paolini’s authors are optimistic: he portrays the future of humanity as bright and fascinating, full of likeable, brave people and technologies that improve their lives. In the end, for such humanity, everything will undoubtedly turn out well. But how many books we have to read before is still unknown: “Beyond the Stars” ends with an intriguing cliffhanger.

The result: Paolini did not invent the bicycle again, but assembled it from ready-made parts. There was a good entertainment for a few evenings, which allows you to brighten up the time in anticipation of the new season of “Expansion”.

Coming soon to the screens

As in the case of Eragon, Paolini’s new book (and probably its not yet written sequel) will be screened. According to the writer, he sold the rights to it to Made Up Stories and Snoot Entertainment, and he intends to write the script together with his sister Andrea. Paolini’s brother and sister will also be executive producers.

The film will go against modern trends and will not be a series, but a feature film.

Her thoughts returned to the first set of images that someone else had imposed on her: the dying sun, the destroyed planets, the space debris belt. Did someone else come from there? But something went wrong: there was a cataclysm. Until then, it was more or less clear, but then everything blurred. The Meek Blade was connected to the invader, but whether the invaders were also the creators of this creature (and the Great Lighthouse) is unclear.
Kira shivered. How many things happened in the universe that people did not know about. Disasters. Battles. Civilizations spread far and wide. It’s scary to think.

Christopher Paolini “On the other side of the stars. Book one “

Is it worth reading?

Yes, if you want a simple fascinating science fiction about space.

Good luck

interesting world of the future

pretty protagonist

the author’s optimism


secondary themes and motives

simple quest story

lack of global ideas

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