Chris Rock speaks publicly for the first time about the incident with Will Smith at the “Oscar 2022”

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Cover: Kanobu screenshot / Guardian News YouTube channel

Actor Chris Rock first publicly commented on the incident that occurred at the Oscar 2022, when Will Smith punched him in the face. Rock performed on the evening of March 30 from a stand-up show in Boston, and during his appearance on stage, the audience greeted him standing for a few minutes. After that, the actor began with an introduction, where he tried to answer the question “How was the weekend?”.

“I do not care what happened. So, if you came to hear about it, I have a whole show that I wrote before this weekend. I’m still kind of trying to figure out what happened. So someday I’ll talk about this shit. And it will be serious and funny, “he said, and his words transmits Variety edition.

After that, one of the spectators shouted “Damn Will Smith!”, But Chris Rock ignored these words, moving on to the main part of his speech.

At the “Oscar 2022”, which took place on March 27, Chris Rock came out on stage to announce the winner in the category of “Best Documentary” and released a couple of jokes, including addressed to Jada Pinkett-Smith, joking about her hair. Her husband, Will Smith, didn’t like it and went on stage and punched Rock in the face. After the event, the viewing ceremony was sharp took off.

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