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For many years, members of the group BTS shared their favorite movies, dramas, anime and more. Here are 10 of the projects I recommended Chonguk:

1. “Twenty-five twenty-one”

Recently Chonguk shared in his story a video in which he enjoys watching the drama “Twenty-five twenty-one”, released in 2022 on Netflix.

“Twenty-Five Twenty-One” is a melodrama about an ambitious 18-year-old fencer and a 22-year-old man in need of a second chance. At the age of 25 and 21, they fall in love with each other.

2. “Conversations with Pack”

Chonguk also posted on his Instagram a short video clip from the Netflix show “Conversations with Pack”, which features famous guests, delicious food and drinks.

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The host is chef Peck John Vaughn, who was once a guest on “Run BTS!”.

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3. “Gone with the Wind”

As a child, Chonguk dreamed of becoming Haku, a werewolf dragon from the fantasy anime “Ghostbusters”.

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This animated film tells the story of the adventures of a little girl Chihiro, who gets into a magic bath for spirits after her parents turn into pigs. Haku is a double agent who serves the villain-matron in the bath and secretly helps Chihiro.

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4. “Free!” / “Free style!”

If you love sports and anime, then this project is for you! “Free!” tells about high school student and gifted swimmer Haruke Nanase, as well as other members of the school swimming team who are preparing for the competition.

5. “The girl who conquered time”

In this anime, which I once recommended Chonguk, tells about how the main character learns that the change of the past has consequences, for the better… and for the worse. Make napkins!

6. “Parasite”

Chonguk and Gin recommended “Parasite”, but, unlike other anime on this list, it is not for the faint of heart! This anime tells the story of 17-year-old Shinichi Izumi, who lives a quiet life until the aliens decide to look at him and get right into his nostrils. Something goes wrong and the alien penetrates Shinichi’s hand, which gives him the strength to repel the alien invaders without losing control of his mind.

7. “I give you my first love”

“I Give You My First Love” is a 2009 Japanese film based on manga. This bittersweet love story is about Takuma Kakinouchi, a boy who must die before he turns twenty, and his childhood friend Maya Taneda, who falls in love with him.

8. “Unseen flower”

If you don’t like beautiful friendship stories, you better skip this anime… or not? “The Unseen Flower” tells the story of a group of friends who move away from each other after the death of their friend Meiko “Menma” Honma. Five years later, they unite when the ghost of Menma suddenly appears. Only one of Menma’s friends, Jinta Yadomi, can see her.

9. “Love 911”

While still a rookie idol, Chonguk talked about this film, saying that he wants to experience the same love as the main characters.

“I wish I had the opportunity to love just as happily”

In particular, Chonguku I liked the scene where the protagonist picks up his girlfriend and kisses her in front of the whole world.

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“In this film, there is a scene of a kiss when a man lifts his girlfriend. I want to try this before I die. ”

“Love 911” is a romantic film of 2012 about an exhausted firefighter and a career-obsessed doctor. Throughout the film, these complete opposites collide and gradually fall in love with each other.

10. “Your name”

On one of the shows Chonguk mentioned “Your name”. In this 2016 anime, two teenagers who have never met suddenly start exchanging bodies with each other. Thanks to the notes, they have a strong bond and they try to meet.

At some point, teenagers can’t see each other, even though they are very close, but when the bell rings, they feel each other’s presence.

On the show Chonguk made a reference to this scene:

Question: A way to marry Chonguk?

Answer: When you think of it, the bell should ring.

Chonguk said he wrote this thinking that such a person could exist.

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