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Chonguk is praised for his mature response to the hater’s comment

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BTSare undoubtedly one of the most famous bands in the world and have many fans around the globe who feel nothing but love and respect for the participants. Unfortunately, thanks to the great fame and popularity, BTS also doomed to receive comments full of hatred.

Recently the youngest member of the group Chonguk received a hater comment when talking to fans on Instagram, but was able to respond with dignity.

After it was confirmed that y Chonguka positive test for COVID-19, Idol wanted to make sure the Army would not worry about his condition, and interacted with them in several ways.

March 30 Chonguk also answered questions on Instagram, where he said that he had seen almost all the dramas and projects Netflix recommended by the Army, and shared his thoughts on whether “actor Chonguk” will return.

Although most of the messages were kind and polite, one of them caught the attention of the Army for completely wrong reasons. When Chonguk asked: “What should I do now? Anyone interested in anything?“Someone sent a message with the words:”Are you bored? You eat dog shit».

As expected, before the Army could hear the answer Chongukathey shared their disgust and anger at the fact that someone could have sent something like a maknae band when he just wanted to chat with the fans.

«What the … It’s so rude»

«This is rude. Why someone told him that»

Many were surprised when Chonguk responded to the message, and appreciated his approach to response. Instead of provoking, Chonguk acted in his own way:

«Isn’t that too cruel ?! (Laughs). If you crush a couple of Chocopais, it will look something like this…»

After the answer was published, the netizens praised it Chonguka for how maturely he behaved in this situation, confronted with rude and inappropriate words.

«Was it so inappropriate? We need to see some boundaries.
I like that Chonguk, in spite of everything, remained polite and answered with a joke. I love him.

«This is mean. Stop saying such things. Fortunately, Chonguk is doing well. But, true, it was cruel»

Although idols are famous, this does not mean that someone has the right to send malicious comments. Let Chonguk and replied in an adult, Armi was angry that he had seen the message at all.

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