Chonguk answered questions from fans on Instagram and admitted that if he were born again, he would like to become a member of the BTS group again.

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Witty answers Chonguka from BTS conquered fans around the world.

On April 1, through the Ask Anything feature on Instagram, he played a “balance game” with fans (a game that offers 2 answers to each question), answering questions.

Before that Chonguk complained that he was hot and bored during the forced quarantine due to the confirmed COVID-19 on arrival in the United States and invited subscribers to play the game and have a good time at the same time: “Let’s play the game “Balance”. Please ask me your questions. And then I’m so bored».

The questions were strikingly diverse. The singer chose romantic films when asked to choose between “romcoms and horror movies“, Singing in question”singing or dancing», Winter in«summer against winter»And sakura blossoms in the choice between«autumn foliage and sakura blossoms».

To the question: “If you had superpowers, what would you choose? Tears that turn into diamonds or urine that turns to gold», Chonguk replied: “Let it be tears that turn into diamonds, because tears of joy can be shed every day. I am ready to cry every day. And I’m not afraid of the risk of dehydration, I’ll drink a lot of water and cry forever!». When he was asked to choose between dramas “Business offer»And«Twenty-five twenty-one», Chonguk tactfully replied: “Twenty-five cases and Twenty-one sentences».

Referring to the recent debate over whether a girl should be worried if her boyfriend helps his girlfriend remove sesame leaves (a type of leaf that is quite problematic to separate before using during a Korean meal), Chonguka asked: “ARMSwho remove sesame leaves for other idols or other idols who remove sesame leaves for ARMS». The answer received showed a unique sense of humor of the guy: “Or maybe this time, we just will not eat sesame leaves?».

Of particular interest was the question “if you are born again, then as a member of the group BTS or how ARMS?», As well as the answer Chongukawho impressed his fans: “Here my choice is unequivocal. I will be able to meet all of you guys only when I can be born again as a participant BTS».

Chonguk also demonstrated his gastronomic preferences by carefully answering questions about food. Idol preferred soju beer, banana pizza milk, kimbab pibimpapu, pork brisket to ribs, tokpokki fish pie and a whole day of food instead of a day of sleep, commenting on his choice: “There are so many delicious things in the world!».

In addition, when asked about dancing and singing, he explained: “Honestly, nowadays dancing is more fun than singing, but in general, for me singing is much more important».

After the game with the idol on Instagram, fans did not stop: “Voice Chonguka so beautiful. And his instagram is so witty, interesting and very cool!»,«Instagram Chonguka as charming as he is»,«Chonguk so honest and sweet»,«Do not eat sesame leaves»,«Game Chonguka in the “balance” came out very nice».

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