Chimin from BTS as a muse for artists: One painting with him was exhibited at the Korean International Art Fair “Hwarang Art Festival”

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This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Korean International Art Fair “Hwarang Art Festival”, which is the longest art fair in Korea. Among the wonderful exhibits was a painting depicting Chimina from BTScreated by artist Kim Yong Jin.

It is worth noting that Chimina in general, it can be called a real muse for artists. Last year Chimin along with such legendary personalities as Mahatma Gandhi and Marilyn Monroe, inspired Kim Yong Jin. The painting was exhibited at the Korean International Art Fair in Seoul, as well as at the Annual Art Market in Busan, and attracted a large number of visitors and media attention.

Having received permission BTSAya Kanno, a famous Japanese illustrator of the shojo manga, created the drawing Chimina with the concert. Inspired by his blue denim fit and youthful aura on stage, the artist shared her work, signing it: “I drew Chimin-chan when I saw him during the show». The artist is known for her work in Otomen and Requiem of the Rose King, among others. Aya began to admire the beauty Chimina, when I saw him in the funk swan “Black Swan”. She also drew Chiminaas he was at the BTS Muster Sowoozoo event last August.

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Also this participant BTS painted by Y0ngmini, a Korean illustrator and graphic designer who worked on the famous Nuwemaru Jimin street mural in Jeju last year. Under a photograph taken in front of the mural, he declared himself a proud admirer Chimina and shared two images Chimina, drawn from a video of the concert in Seoul, in his Instagram account. On his account there are other bright works with Chimindemonstrating his fan love.

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