Chimin (BTS) told what he did with Wee during their two-hour call

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When you from BTS diagnosed with COVID-19, all fans were extremely concerned about his health. Fortunately, he recently told fans how he was doing. Despite the mild symptoms, you feels good. Other participants BTS also told how he was doing.

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February 20 RM, Slush and Chimin surprised fans with a live broadcast. During the stream, fans saw some fun moments, including confirmation that the participants are fans of AF. They also shared what they did recently with many others.

In particular, fans were happy to see Chimina, which first appeared after recovery from COVID-19. Fortunately, Chimin reported feeling well and even started training two days after recovery.

During the broadcast Chimin also informed fans about how he is doing you, telling that the day before I talked to him on video for about two hours. Recall that when he was sick Chimin, you told him that he had talked to him to make sure he was all right.

RMexpressing the thoughts of the fans, asked y Chimina: “Did you talk to him? He must be bored (in quarantine)… Is he all right? ” Chimin reassured fans, explaining: “He’s fine, he’s fine”.

RM continued to ask Chimina about what he does you. And Chimin amused everyone with his answer: “We pulled up during the video call”. Slush also found a question RM strange and asked: “And what should he do?” And it looks like RM thought that he could do other things: “Well, I don’t know, he could work, play music or something.”

However, fans were not too surprised you and Chimin train together as before you showed a photo in which fans with an eagle’s eye noticed sports equipment in the background.

The fans were definitely pleased to hear how he felt youand it was even nicer to hear how long Chimin talked to him. The ARMY could not stop talking about their friendship.

However, this is not the first time participants have shared status information with fans you. During the broadcast on his birthday Jay-Hope reported that you feels good.

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