Children’s Orbit and a questionnaire for friends: things from childhood to zero that will be remembered by all buzzers

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It is not so difficult to mentally immerse oneself in the early years of one’s life – it is enough to look at the objects that surrounded us at that time. Memories can flood in suddenly, for example thanks to a video in a tick.

Generation Z still has no clear age limits: historians and sociologists have been unable to reach a consensus on the years in which its members were born. Some scientists offer the period from 1997 to 2012 – it is on its representatives focused most of the videos of the ticket-account _charmi_l.

The blogger shoots videos with nostalgic selections of things that remind users of childhood to zero. The lack of unlimited mobile internet (and mobile phones themselves) did not prevent the children of that time from feeling happy, and they definitely have something to remember.

Under the song from the movie “You never dreamed…” with the lines “I sail, and time carries me from edge to edge, from shore to shore, from shoal to shoal, my friend, goodbye” change each other photos of albums with stickers, pens with several multicolored rods, “Little Fairy” shampoo, rubber skipping ropes, “Furby”, suitcases with felt-tip pens and other symbols of those years.

Snickers, Mars and KitKat are still possible to find on the shelves of Russian stores, but especially warm feelings, judging by the comments, cause treats that are not so easy to buy now: children’s Orbit, “Pop” with citro flavor (felt in your mouth this sour taste?), fruit tablets “Cold”, chewing gum with rings and stickers.

Separately recall the animated series: “Duck Stories”, “Chip and Dale rush to the rescue”, “The Adventures of Gummy Bears” and others

“You have unlocked memories of the best time of your life,” “Flashbacks and nostalgia,” write in the comments, and someone does not hide that he cried from immersion in the past.

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Remember the soundtracks to “The Matrix”, “Spider-Man” and other films of the beginning of zero

Remember the soundtracks to “The Matrix”, “Spider-Man” and other films of the beginning of zero

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