Children’s Book Day will be celebrated in Tver

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In our age, books are becoming increasingly difficult to compete with cartoons and computer games. And the parents themselves, to relax and free up time from household chores, sometimes resort to the help of virtual assistants. And, as it is not bitter to realize, books have gradually begun to disappear from our home shelves … Of course, watching cartoons is an interesting and necessary thing, but nothing can completely replace reading. This is an exciting adventure that an adult can share with a child, find in the pages of books important, instructive, truly valuable and good.

That is why the organizers of the “Marathon of Good” decided to organize a real bookcrossing on the International Children’s Book Day. Yes, not any, but also children’s! After reading the book alone or with parents, the child leaves it in a public place (in our case in the improvised “library” of the Palace) so that another, random child can find and read the book, leaving his favorite edition on the shelf instead. The very “journey” of the book from hand to hand and involves a good and good deed for future generations.

But this is not all the surprises of the proletarian “Marathon of Good”. In continuation of the fascinating immersion in the world of books, children and their parents will be invited to watch a new feature film “Pope”. His life and instructive plot will tell the viewer about four stories united by the power of paternal love. Of course, relationships with dads in the family are very different. But no matter how intertwined our destinies are, at any age we remain children to our fathers. Different destinies. Different relationships, and one job – to be a dad.

The first screening of the film “Pope” will take place immediately after the “Marathon of Good” at 14.00 in the Small Concert Hall of the Tver Regional Palace of Culture “Proletarian”. For those who for some reason do not have time for the premiere of the film, there will be several more sessions:

April 10 (Sunday) – 18:00
April 14 (Thursday) – 19:00
April 24 (Sunday) – 12:00
April 27 (Wednesday) – 19:00

Ticket price 75 rubles. Entrance is possible on the “Pushkin map”.

Age restriction 6+

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