“Children seemed Neanderthals”: Zavorotnyuk’s statement caused a daze

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The actress did not skimp on revelations.

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, who turned her head all over the country, shared in an interview that she was not always happy with herself. Describing herself as a child, she stressed that she had a painful appearance:

“Such a small creature, terribly thin, with ribs forward, with big eyes.

Also note that I was raised in an acting family and spent all my childhood in the theater, so the children in the usual kindergarten seemed to me a kind of Neanderthal. They didn’t know who Shakespeare was, what he wrote. “

In those days, Anastasia perceived herself as an adult locked in a child’s body, and could not wait for the moment when childhood is over. In her adult life, the actress could not gain self-confidence for a long time and instead of the acting faculty, she first entered the pedagogical department.

“Remarks were frightening that such beauties were coming to Moscow, and I was an ugly duckling against their background,” Zavorotnyuk recalled in the program.My story».

The star noted that her love for the stage, without which she simply could not live, helped her achieve success.

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