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Alla Pugacheva’s heirs may not live in Russia if they wish.

For more than two weeks now, the public has been actively discussing Alla Pugacheva’s departure from Russia. Against the background of the Ukrainian events, the Prima Donna, her husband Maxim Galkin and twins Harry and Lisa flew abroad. Evil tongues claim that the family has left our country forever, but the celebrities themselves refute these speculations.

So the other day Alla Borisovna erupted in an angry response to those who spread rumors about her emigration. The vocalist said that she is currently on vacation and is going to return soon. It is said that she did not intend to leave her homeland.

Meanwhile, secular gossips do not believe Pugacheva. They claim that the Prima Donna has long laid straw for herself and her family. A few years ago, the vocalist and her husband invested a lot of money in luxury housing in Cyprus, for which they received citizenship of the republic. In addition, Cypriot passports were presented to the twins Lisa and Harry. Since then, the famous family can enter 150 camps around the world without visas.

It is worth noting that the eldest daughter of Alla Pugacheva, Kristina Orbakayte, can also boast of second citizenship. Thanks to her father, a Lithuanian by nationality, Christina has long had a European passport. And since 2009 the middle son of the heiress of the Prima Donna – Denis Baysarov has got the same document.

Christina Orbakayte’s daughter, Klavdia Zemtsova, is an American by birth. The girl was born in the United States, which automatically made her a citizen of this country.


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