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Victoria Daineko was born in Kazakhstan, grew up in Yakutia, and built her career in Moscow. It is noteworthy that the singer did not receive a musical education, but this did not prevent her from winning a lucky ticket to the song contest. About the life and career of the artist – in the material

Victoria Daineko: childhood and early career

Victoria Daineko was born on May 12, 1987 in the village of Kirovsky, Taldy-Kurgan region of Kazakhstan. Almost immediately after her birth, the family moved to Yakutia.

Victoria Daineko with her mother. Photo: social networks

Her mother, Evgenia Daineko, worked as a programmer, and her father, Peter, changed many professions, from truck driver to head of automation.

Vika is the only child, so she was pampered with attention and affection. From an early age she loved to sing and dance and at the age of five she entered the ballet theater “Diamonds of Yakutia”.

Victoria Daineko as a child
Victoria Daineko as a child. Photo: social networks

But music education did not work out: there were no special educational institutions in the Yakut city of Mirny, where the family lived. But Victoria developed her talent herself, listening to star CDs and trying to reproduce what she heard. So, until the 8th grade she sang in the ensemble “Atas”, then in the city pop group “Reflection”.

By the way, Daineko learned more than just music on her own. In the same way, she learned English and Spanish, as well as proved herself in journalism – she ran a column in the school newspaper.

Victoria Daineko in her youth
Victoria Daineko in her youth. Photo: social networks

After school, Victoria Daineko decided to enter the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​of the Moscow Aviation Institute.

Victoria Daineko: “Star Factory” and a solo career

Upon arrival in Moscow, Victoria Daineko settled near Ostankino. And when I learned about the start of the casting for “Factory of Stars – 5”, I decided to try my hand. And she succeeded.

Just three months after the start of the competition, she became its winner and recorded her first hit “Leila”. The video was shot in Thailand, where Daineko first saw palm trees and the sea.

Victoria Daineko on "Star Factory"
Victoria Daineko at the Star Factory. Photo: Global Look Press

After “Star Factory”, the singer began collaborating with producer Igor Matvienko. Later, the artist’s repertoire included songs that brought her national popularity – “I’ll just leave you right away”, “Breathe”, “Stop, where am I going”.

The works of the singer were not in vain. In 2007, Daineko was nominated for the Best Performer Award at the MTV Russia Music Awards, and a year later her first music album, Needle, was released. The album includes the songs “I will be better”, “I will live” and a number of others that were presented earlier.

Victoria Daineko and Pavel Artemyev
Victoria Daineko and Pavel Artemyev. Photo: Global Look Press

In 2011, Victoria Daineko presented fans with singles and music videos: “Erase it from memory” and “Girl in a Million”, and the following year – the song “For the last time” in a duet with Alexei Vorobyov. Later there were “Wings”, “Closer than Tango” and others that were included in the album “Dot”.

Victoria Daineko
Victoria Daineko in 2006. Photo: Global Look Press

In 2013, the singer presented the video “Breathe”, in 2014 – “Beat yourself”, and in 2015 – “Live together”. In 2018, Victoria Daineko released the album “Smiles”, which included the tracks “I’m going”, “Heart beats”, “I’m with you”. February 2021 was marked by the release of the mini-album “I am winter”.

Victoria Daineko: projects, TV, cinema

In addition to her solo career, Victoria Daineko has excelled in a number of other projects.

So, in the spring of 2009 she sang in a duet with Alexander Oleshko in the TV project “Two Stars”, as a result of which their tandem took third place.

In “Ice Age” Daineko went out on the ice in a pair with Alexei Yagudin. They reached the finale of the show, and then shot a joint music video for the song “Needle”.

Victoria Daineko and Alexei Yagudin
Victoria Daineko and Alexei Yagudin. Photo: Global Look Press

Russian cinema did not pass by the bright actress (her height is 161 cm and weight is 47 kg). In 2006, Daineko played herself in the comedy series “Club”. Later, Victoria starred in the lyrical comedy “All Inclusive!”, And in 2010 gave her voice to the main character of the Disney cartoon “Rapunzel: A Tangled Story”.

The main role of Daineko got in the short film “Wedding Card”. In addition, the singer voiced Rose in the cartoon “Trolls” and Rapunzel in the movie “Ralph against the Internet”.

Victoria Daineko: income

Last year, Victoria Daineko planned to become a State Duma deputy, so she had to disclose her income. It turned out that in 2020 she earned 13 million rubles.

It is noteworthy that no real estate is registered for the singer, but there are two cars – “Mercedes” and “Porsche”.

Victoria Daineko: personal life and hot photos

The tour after the end of “Star Factory” was marked for Victoria Daineko by a stormy but short-term affair with Pavel Artemyev. As a result, the singer presented the fans with the song “I’ll just leave you right away.”

Victoria Daineko and Alexei Vorobiev
Victoria Daineko and Alexei Vorobiev. Photo: Global Look Press

Later in Daineko’s life there was another affair with a representative of the group “Roots”, this time with Dmitry Pakulichev. He, too, was short-lived, as the singer was surrounded by Alexei Vorobiev. Fans were waiting for the wedding, but suddenly in May 2012 the couple broke up, without explaining the reasons.

“We often see each other. This is not always the case with cameras, I believe that we should not dedicate everyone to the fact that we communicate somehow. We do it for ourselves. Of course, I have great sympathy for Lesha, but I have not dreamed of marrying him for a long time. But someone will definitely be lucky with him, ”the singer told Russian Radio.

In November 2014, Victoria Daineko had an affair with DrumCast drummer Dmitry Kleiman, who is seven years younger than the artist. just three months later, Daineko received an offer of a hand and a heart, and in April 2015, the lovers played a wedding.

Wedding of Victoria Daineko and Dmitry Kleiman
Wedding of Victoria Daineko and Dmitry Kleiman. Photo: Global Look Press

On October 3 of the same year, Victoria gave birth to a daughter, Lydia, whom she still hides from prying eyes and does not publish her photos on social networks.

The first rumors of a quarrel in marriage appeared two years after the wedding, in 2017. Even then, Dmitry did not live with his wife and daughter. According to the singer, the quarrel began due to constant dissatisfaction in December 2016, after which the couple separated. And later, the ex-member of the “Star Factory” talked about domestic violence, because of which she had to visit a psychotherapist after the divorce.

Although the media later reported that Kleiman and Daineko were still able to forget their grievances, the marriage could not be saved. Now the drummer has a new family.

Victoria Daineko in 2022
Victoria Daineko in 2022. Photo: Global Look Press

Not so long ago, Victoria announced that she had a new novel. She met the chosen one on social networks, and wrote to him first.

Star status, chic exterior data allowed Daineko to appear on the cover of Playboy magazine in 2007. In addition, the singer often posts on her social networks pictures in bikinis and outspoken outfits from the holidays.

Victoria Daineko: latest news

On the eve of the new year 2022, Daineko presented a new song “Winter Love”. But the spring was overshadowed by new lawsuits. Daineko is demanding alimony from her ex-husband, and the point in this story has not yet been set.

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