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During his school years, Nikolai Rastorguev studied poorly and dreamed of a career as a musician. Then he missed classes at the institute and got a job as a locksmith. Everything changed in an instant.

And when the future star met Igor Matvienko, he believed in his own strength and created his own team. The one I’ve been dreaming about for a long time. The story of Nikolai Rastorguev’s life is in the material

Nikolai Rastorguev: childhood and the beginning of his career

Nikolai Rastorguev was born on February 21, 1957 in the village of Bykovo, near Moscow. Father Vyacheslav Rastorguev is a driver, mother Maria Kalmykova is a seamstress. The artist has a younger sister Larissa. After her birth, her mother began working from home to spend more time with her children.

Nikolai Rastorguev as a child. Photo:

Nikolai did poorly in school because he was bored in class. At the same time, the future artist drew well, read a lot and was fond of music, dreaming of becoming an artist. The idea came when Rastorguev saw the film “An Evening of a Hard Day”, which marked the Beatles.

The repertoire of the British band so impressed Nikolai and his friends that they began to imitate the famous band – trying to play guitar and compose songs.

Nikolai Rastorguev in the 10th grade
Nikolai Rastorguev in the 10th grade. Photo:

At the same time, the artist has no musical education. He never went to music school, never studied playing instruments. After graduating from high school, Rastorguev became a student at the Moscow Institute of Light Industry. But even here there was no desire to study.

Nikolai Rastorguev in his youth
Nikolai Rastorguev in his youth. Photo:

Nikolai missed classes, had fun with friends. Not surprisingly, with this approach, he was soon pointed to the door, handing over the expulsion order.

Then Rastorguev decided that he would join the army. But a medical examination of the future star revealed contraindications to military service.

After that, Nikolai Rastorguev went to work as a locksmith at the Aviation Institute, but did not abandon his dreams of a career as a musician.

In 1978, Nikolai joined the group “Six Young”, which often performed in the concert program of Vladimir Vysotsky. And two years later, Valery Kipelov, then still unknown to anyone, joined the team.

Nikolai Rastorguev in his youth
Nikolai Rastorguev in his youth. Photo:

It was in 1980 that Vitaly Kretov, the leader of the Leysya, Pesnya band, invited young and talented musicians to join him. Their song “Engagement Ring” was played on radio for a long time, but in 1985 the band disbanded.

Then Rastorguev was left alone. He didn’t know what to do, but he dreamed of his own band. Although he understood that it was too early to take such a responsible step. And in order to somehow provide for himself and his family, he became a bass guitarist in the group “Rondo” and a vocalist in the ensemble “Hello, song!”.

Nikolai Rastorguev and Igor Matvienko
Nikolai Rastorguev and Igor Matvienko. Photo:

So four years passed, until one day Nikolai met with Igor Matvienko, who supported his idea of ​​creating his own team.

Nikolai Rastorguev: “Lube” and popular songs

There were no questions with the name of the group. As a child, Rastorguev heard the word “love” many times, which in slang means “different.” And since the band did not have any one style in the repertoire, the name was the best fit.

Nikolai Rastorguev and the group "Love"
Nikolai Rastorguev and the group “Lube” in the early 90’s. Photo:

Glory came almost instantly. After the band performed the song “Father Makhno” on TV, which happened on April 14, 1990, the musicians immediately woke up famous.

It is noteworthy that Alla Pugacheva helped the group to work on the stage image. It was she who advised the stocky Rastorguev (musician’s height 174 cm and weight 80 kg) to try on a tunic and breeches. In this way, “Lube” began to appear on stage, which never regretted.

Nikolai Rastorguev in 2007
Nikolai Rastorguev in 2007. Photo: Global Look Press

The first album included songs sung by the whole country – “Don’t be a fool, America!”, “Atas”, “Little Sister”, “Behind the Fog”, “Horse”, “Taganskaya Station”.

Nikolai Rastorguev in his youth
Nikolai Rastorguev in his youth. Photo:

The band’s popularity grew, the musicians in turn tried to please fans with new albums as often as possible. So, soon after the first, fans of “Lube” bought new records “Kombat” and “Zone Lube”. In the 2000s, the CDs “Come for,”, “Halfway”, “Guys of our regiment” were released.

In 1998, Nikolai Rastorguev sang the song “Zasentyabrilo” together with Sofia Rotaru, and then a duet with Sergei Bezrukov, beloved by millions – “Birches” appeared.

It is noteworthy that a year earlier, in 1997, Nikolai Rastorguev became Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. And six years later, in 2003, – People’s.

Nikolai Rastorguev: cinema, TV, income

Nikolai Rastorguev also proved himself in cinema. He first appeared on the screens in 1985, when as part of the group “Rondo” participated in the recording of Voznesensky’s concert. He later played a cameo in the film “Zone Lube”, directed by Dmitry Zolotukhin.

The artist was also noted in films of the crime genre. Thus, in the movie “Check” he played operative Gennady Rastorguev.

Nikolai Rastorguev with his mother
Nikolai Rastorguev with his mother. Photo:

In 2005, Rastorguev tried his hand as a TV presenter and starred in a series of television documentaries “Things of War”. Also in 2015, as a producer, he shot a feature film “72 Hours”, which tells about youth monopolies during the Great Patriotic War.

In 2015, the pictures “Lyudmila Gurchenko” were released, where Rastorguev played Mark Bernes.

In 2010, Nikolai Rastorguev became a deputy of the State Duma of the fifth convocation from the Stavropol Territory.

In the same year Gazeta.Ru reported that the annual income of Nikolai Rastorguev is more than 8 million rubles. The artist owned a house, a garage, an apartment, SUVs and motorcycles.

Nikolai Rastorguev: personal life

Nikolai Rastorguev entered into his first marriage when he was 19 years old. His choice was a neighbor in the yard of Valentin Titov, who was a year younger. First, the young family lived with the bride’s parents, and then in a communal house. Later they had a son, Paul.

Rastorguev’s first marriage lasted 15 years, and then the artist met Natalia. She was the costume designer of the band “Architects”, which performed at the “warm-up” “Lube”.

In 1990, Rastorguev signed with Natalia, and in 1994 he became a father for the second time. The son was named Nikolai.

Nikolai Rastorguev with his son Nikolai
Nikolai Rastorguev with his son Nikolai. Photo:

Nikolai Rastorguev also managed to try on the role of a grandfather. Paul’s eldest son has a daughter, Sofia.

Nikolai Rastorguev with his granddaughter Sofia
Nikolai Rastorguev with his granddaughter Sofia. Photo:

Nikolai Rastorguev: latest news

This year Nikolai Rastorguev celebrated his anniversary. He turned 65 on February 21. He admitted that he will soon release a collection of songs “Lube”, which he really likes. At the same time there will not be the most popular hits of the group.

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