Charts: 25/17 overtook Bushido Zho

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In the top 10 – Suzanne and Yung Lean.

Every Monday we check the Apple Music album chart and find out who the Russian users are listening to.

This week, 25/17 with the album “Inevitability. They finally removed Bushido Zho from first place – his release “NO BANG! HOLD ON!” now in third place. On the second line – “Bandana I”.

Suzanne’s “supernova” is in the top 10. There was also Yung Lean with the album “Stardust“This is one of the few foreign releases that has reached Russia. Albums Vince Staples, Fivio ForeignCoi Leray and other artists can be listened to on some platforms with VPN. They are not in the Russian Apple Music chart.

Who else is in the top 50:

1. 25/17 “Inevitability”
2. Big Baby Tape & Kizaru “Bandana I”
3. Bushido Zho “NO BANG! HOLD ON!”
5. Yung Lean “Stardust”
6. Oxxxymiron “Beauty and Ugliness”
7. Suzanne “Supernova”
8. 163onmyneck “No Offense”
10. Akmal “Songs about your eyes”

11. Miyagi & Andy Panda “Yamakasi”
12. Stray Kids “Oddinary”
13. Max Korzh “Psyches get to the top”
14. Markul “Sense Of Human”
15. The Weeknd “Dawn FM”
16. Labrinth “Euphoria (Original Score from the HBO Series)”
17. ATL “Radio Apocalypse”
18. Instasamka “Moneydealer”
19. Morgenshtern “Million Dollar: Business”

21. OG Buda “Freerio”
22. Miyagi “Buster Keaton”
23. Stromae “Multiude”
25. Scriptonite “Whistles and papers”
26. Scriptonite “Ouroboros: Street 36”
27. Placebo “Never Let Me Go”
28. Face “Ways are inexplicable”
29. Face “Sincere”
30. Noize MC “Exit to the city”

31. Egor Creed “Pussy Boy”
32. Artik & Asti “Millennium X”
33. Scriptonite “Holiday on the street 36”
34. Boulevard Depot & SP4K “Qwerty Lang”
36. Boulevard Depot “Old Blood”
37. Doja Cat “Planet Her (Deluxe)”
38. Zivert “Vinyl # 2”
39. OG Buda “OPG City”
40. Scriptonite “House with normal phenomena”

41. Scriptonite “2004”
42. Oxxxymiron “Gorgorod”
44. Dua Lipa “Dua Lipa (Deluxe)”
45. Kizaru “Born To Trap”
46. ​​Pharaoh “Rule”
49. Zemfira “Forgive me my love”
50. Oxxxymiron “miXXXtape III: Time of Troubles”

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