Chapter from the new book “House of Gucci” – the relationship of Maurizio Gucci and Patricia Reggiano

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“I lost everything!” Exclaimed Maurizio. “My father is crazy.” He deprived me of my inheritance, he insulted both of us: I can’t even tell you what he told me.
Patricia silently hugged him, stroked the back of his head. And then she wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled into his eyes.
“You and I are like Romeo and Juliet, and our families are like Montecchi and Capuletti,” she said, squeezing his hand to soothe the trembling, then kissing him tenderly.
“What do I do now, Patricia?” Maurizio complained, almost crying. – I have a penny for my soul!

Patricia looked at him more seriously.
“Come in,” she said, pulling his arm into the living room. “My father will be home soon.” He likes you. We need to talk to him.
Fernando received his daughter and young Gucci in his office, a simple but elegantly furnished room with bookshelves, an antique wooden desk, two small armchairs, and a sofa. Despite Fernando’s anger over Rodolfo’s insults, he really liked Maurizio.

Commendator Reggiani, ”Maurizio said softly. – I had an argument with my father, and he kicked me out of the house and the family business. I’m still studying and I don’t have a job. I love your daughter and want to marry her, although now I have nothing to offer her.
After listening carefully to Maurizio, Fernando asked him about the quarrel with Rodolfo. He believed the young man’s words, both in his quarrels and his feelings for Patricia. He felt sorry for Maurizio.

“I’ll give you a job and let you in,” he said at last, choosing his words carefully, “as long as you finish your studies and you and my daughter stay away from each other until the wedding.” I will not tolerate any nonsense under my roof, and if they start – our contract will be terminated.

Fernando looked sternly at the young man. He nodded silently.

Rodolfo was seriously worried: he could not accept that Maurizio had left him so early and was ready to give up everything that awaited him for the sake of a woman. Pride prevented Rodolfo from reconciling. When the brothers came to visit him, worried about the quarrel between father and son, Rodolfo interrupted these conversations.

– For me this bischero, this idiot no longer exists, do you understand ?! He shouted.

“Father Maurizio did not accept me because I was Patricia Reggiano, but because I was the woman who stole his beloved son,” Patricia later said. – For the first time in his life, Maurizio did not obey his word, and this infuriated him.

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