Chaliapin’s secret patron, Rambler, has been declassified / news

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Poet Alla Penyaeva toldthat she once took patronage over a young Russian singer. And thanks to her help, Prohor was able to get an education, and achieve a certain fame, and see the world.

“Yes, I helped him in everything in my life, I met him on the way. He graduated from Gnesinka and didn’t even know we were paying for him. Acquainted with Valery Zolotukhin, his first trip was to him in the Quick Source. Prokhor filmed a report there, it was 2003. Then there were Paris, London, Thailand. There was a good, good relationship, “Penyaeva told Blitz +.

It will be recalled that Prokhorov Chaliapin’s wife is 42-year-old Tatiana Claudia Davis died from the coronavirus two months after the wedding, in the fall of 2021. According to the singer, the woman felt unwell and went to the hospital in a state of semi-delirium. Her father and mother, who live in the couple’s mansion in Las Vegas, were also hospitalized.

Later, there were rumors that Chaliapin poisoned his wife for the sake of inheritance, but the singer himself denied it. According to the artist, if he committed a crime, he would already be in prison.

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